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Sivis’Art videomaker presents A los Amigos Tango Festival 2019 with Ioanna Papachristou​ & Theodore Georgedakis​

Theodore and Ioanna chose tango as a way to express themselves, because it can reveal all the endless nuances of two people in constant dialogue. Tango is also the most special and creative way to get to know one’s self and one another in depth, always
discovering new aspects of our character and new elements to share, both inside the embrace and with the spectator. They think tango is a dance of freedom, because of its precise and continuously evolving technique, and because in spite of its
traditional codes, it still offers so many tools for improvising something new and
personal, and this is what makes it limitless in creation. Although both Theodore and Ioanna have a good knowledge of tradition in tango that they respect a lot, they move one step ahead, seeking always to creatively mix qualities of movement.
Their goal when dancing together is to reach a robust and rich in emotion, highly expressive result that reflects their feelings of the moment. They value every time they share and interpretate the music, from stillness to the highest dynamic, but all with a meaning.

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