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Carlitos started to dance the tango about fifteen years ago. Fan of closed embrace, he defines his dance as a combination of tradition and evolution, integrating roots such as the traditional milonguera style to the tango dynamics. He has a passion for exploring the Argentine tango by choosing himself the way he defined his style. Due to this reason, he is a unique dancer with an outstanding style. The dynamics and the musicality, the music transfer in the movements of the body make his dance an extremely sensual experience. During these last few years, Carlitos has been invited as an interpreter and teacher in the biggest international tango events, especially with Noélia Hurtado.
Majo was born in Uruguay, where she started to dance at the age of 16 years. She has worked as a dancer and a teacher in different cities of the country, until she was invited by Dana Frigoli to be a part of her company, DNI Tango, at Buenos Aires. She worked there for six years as a teacher and dancer of the company, dancing in the most important theaters and milongas of Buneos Aires.

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