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Sivis’Art videomaker presents Indira Hiayes & Dante Sanchez.
Tango show at Karlsruhe International Tango Festival.
Indira Hiayes made her first steps in Tango at the age of 9, in one of the most renowned dance schools of the Argentinean south. Thanks to her quick learning and her talent for Tango, she was part of numerous shows throughout Argentina and South America, winning many contests. Thanks to these awards she had the privilege of beign part of Argentina’s most important festivals, “Cosquín” in two occasions and “Jesús María”.

At the age of 18 she decided to move to Buenos Aires to keep learning Tango. At that moment she became Dante Sánchez’ partner.

Dante Sánchez is one of the most renowned Tango dancers, constantly promoting Tango and the Buenos Aires culture. His consecration as the World Tango Champion in the year 2007 at the age of 19 took him to the highest ranks of Argentine Tango, starting several World Tours, participating in numerous festivals and beign part of the cast in the greatest Tango Shows all around the world.

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